Friday, October 08, 2010

Welcome Little One

Today we held our daughter for the first time, and our hearts melted.  Yes, I do believe in love at first sight.  How can I not believe in it?

I will try to share some more of her/our story in the coming days.  Everything has happened so fast we still aren't quite sure which end of our world is up or down.

Alexis Chantel
Born October 6, 2010
Weight 5lbs 14 oz  
(exactly what I weighed when I was born, not that that matters)

Alexis is an estimated 6 weeks premature. She is eating well, and seems to be doing truly doing wonderful in every way. She is being kept in Level II care for monitoring because they really don't know how premature she is and how well she will handle her feedings.

 Tomorrow the hydration IV will be removed and if everything goes well she will be ready to be fed on demand by late Saturday or Sunday.  We are hoping she will be released on Sunday. Currently they are telling us Monday or Tuesday.  Please pray with us that this time will be shortened and we will be able to bring her home sooner.

Sleep well my baby love! We can't wait to see you in the morning.


  1. O my goodness! I'm so HAPPY for you all!!! I won't bother you with phone calls, but you must promise to call me when you have a moment and catch me up to date. I know you've waited for a LONG time for this moment! You guys look so happy! Did you pick the name! Love it...your guys deserve it all..I love you! XO

  2. I am awed! Remember how you girls always wanted a baby that color? She is darling and I want to snuggle her right now!
    The boys will just love her and you will be amazed how that tiny bit of femininity will change the family dynamics.
    How happy you must all be! How awed at the provision of our great God! This time - no waiting - just a whirlwind and a baby!!!!
    love you guys so much,
    Mom Weaver

  3. Thank God for such a blessing!!! We can't wait to see her. Looks like she is already a hand full, literally!! On thing for sure is life has just changed dramatically. Forts will morph into playhouses, the dirt the boys dig while playing with trucks can be made into mud pies, LeAnn now has someone in the house she can girl talk to, Duane will find out what it's like to be held captive by someone smaller than himself and the boys have just had their space invaded :) An awesome new chapter in your Adventure Story!!! Congratulation guys!!


  4. WOW! to the MAX!
    Can life come any faster of a pace for your loving family!?!
    Great thing your steps are ordered by the Lord!!!
    Alexis is truly blessed with the most wonderful set of solid/seasoned Father God honoring parents,and to be cherished by 3 defenders of the Faith,Brothers!!!! What more could precious little girl need!?!?
    okay.....some diapers,bottles,cutie little girl dresses and a castle would be cool......hee hee
    We Love You All, see you real soon,Lori

  5. How AWESOME!!! I am so happy for you guys! She is so precious. I cannot wait to here the rest of the story! God bless and congratulations!!

  6. So HAPPY for you LeAnn!

    I cannot think of any PARENTS more worthy of this than you and your husband. You are two of the most loving and sweet people I have ever met! I too, know through Aubrey how much this means to you.

    My prayers are with you as you begin this new journey of LOVE.

    God bless you for reaching out to others, giving your hearts and serving the LORD!

    Aubrey's mom!

  7. Congrats!! Sounds like the last few/next couple days are a whirlwind! May God bless and protect you on this new adventure, and may He bring you home in His perfect timing!


  8. Our biggest Congratulations! we are so excited for you guys and so happy that "baby girl" has finally arrived into your hearts and home... we can't wait to meet her in person, Blessings- let us know if there is anything you need us to get ready for your homecoming- love, Liz for hers

  9. She is so tiny and sweet. I just cannot get over how much she reminds me of our Adelia when we first saw her! Beautiful!


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