Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gelato - Custard Style Ice Cream

I promised I would share a fabulous Basic Gelato recipe with several of you, and the month is almost out and still no gelato recipe.  So I am going to take the easy route out and give you a link to a wonderful blogger who has blogged about it beautifully.  This recipe is truly Great!

Gelato: The Basic Recipe

Here are my adaptations:
 Whole milk goat milk  - no additional cream
Evaporated cane juice in place of white sugar -reduce amount to 1/2 c. per recipe.

I ALWAYS make a double batch. It is the perfect amount to fit in my little ice cream freezer.

I have also tried the footnote version that is thickened with cornstarch.  He writes,

"If you don't like the idea of using egg yolks, there are eggless variations: many recipes call for some stabilizer like cornstarch, agar or gelatin to thicken the batter rather than the egg yolks. In this case, add all the sugar to the saucepan together with the milk in Step 1, then add  2-3 tablespoons of cornstarch or one of the other thickeners as a slurry to the hot milk and cream until thick. You can skip steps 2-4; just allow the mixture to cool, and proceed with Steps 5 and 6. "

I tried the above version and it was okay. I wanted it a bit richer so I fooled around and basically ended up making a thick custard and prepared it the way you would normally make a cooked pudding or custard sauce.

1 quart of milk
1/4 cup cornstarch
1 cup sugar
1 vanilla bean
2 whole eggs, beaten

This version is good for fresh eating but no where close to the quality of the original recipe.

DO NOT try to serve a cornstarch gelato version as an Affogato.  As the espresso melts the gelato, something very strange takes place and you will find this sludgy weird thing happening in your bowl.  It is really nasty and so wrong in every way.

 I made this mistake and  horrors! I actually served it to a friend.  (I am so sorry Heather, one day I will serve you a real Affogato, and you won't need to be gracious it will be truly delicious).

Happy Weekend! -LeAnn

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

This is a good thing, because I can't think of a thousand words right now.  So here's your picture.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Break Even Day

Princess Pea is Nine Months Old

I can't believe it has been nine months, already!

Little Princess is now mobile and getting wherever she wants to go. Communicates well, and says "Day-ee" and "MamMam" and a very steady flow of baby talk.

 She remains firmly attached to my side, and we dub her the "barnacle baby". Although this is inconvenient at times, it is a good thing.  We have no attachment disorder to work with, and that is truly a Huge blessing.

She is still not interested in solid food at all.  Breastfeeding 100% of the time, but still using the SNS and supplementing a few ounces of Homemade Goat Milk Formula (adapted from the Nourishing Traditions Recipe by Sally Fallon). It is kind of amazing to have made it this far, but it seems totally normal and everyday to me.  It has been a great experience and I would absolutely recommend it.

Happy weekend and a blessed Sunday for each of you!