Friday, March 01, 2013

The Goodness of Life - A Nature Walk

We've unearthed times to linger and soak up the goodness of life with Tea Time, and Nature Walks and Nature Study and Artist Study.
We are having fun!  

The boys say it has been the best school week we have had in.... a very long time, and I agree whole heartily.

On Thursday we had a fabulous nature walk and I even remembered the camera. It was everything we needed and then some.

We found the first Jasmine blooms, just opened.  A promise of spring and a breath of sweetness.

It has rained a lot during the past two weeks and A. was overjoyed to discover many different mushroom varieties.

 L. was his attentive audience, and clapped for joy with each new discover. He enjoyed bringing them to her as much as she enjoyed seeing them! It was heart warming...healing.

We found deer tracks and various other signs and tokens of wild life.

We enjoyed birds near and far, gathered feathers and investigated empty bird nests.
I love the outdoors, the fresh air and the space for the kiddos to run off all that energy, and make discoveries.

There are brand new buds just opening on the wild plums, and blackberry branches.

I was informed with much enthusiasm about the mossy carpets that "would be perfect for a picnic". We settled for a picture, and a promise of a picnic one day, very soon.

 Usually, we bring specimen home to paint or draw in our nature notebooks.  This week the boys came home with their pockets full and made displays, decorated my bookshelves and had a rather hard time deciding what to use for this week's entry.  I can tell they have really missed these special times and it is so good to be back in this place again.

It was fun to see what each one noticed and to hear their joy in each item.

Keep us in your prayers this weekend, it is overwhelming and I am not one bit ready to do this!

K and A are having a lovely weekend, safe, protected and happy. I am comforted to know that they are with some of the best people in the whole wide world and I am super grateful, too!  It makes this easier, and so much better in many ways!