Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Needs & Niceties

I feel incredible blessed by all the caring friends around us who have been giving freely. We have a car seat, bassinet and bouncer on loan from various friends. We have been given a large bag of newborn, 0-3, and 3-6 Month clothes, diaper bags, baby socks and blankets. I was able to pick up a New Native Baby Carrier at a sale for only $10. and it doesn't show any signs of wear. (They are normally $40-$50, so I was totally thrilled.)I really don't mind doing without lots of equipment and extras. But there are still a few things that we need or would be very nice to have. We loved pre-owned things, stuff doesn't have to be new to bring us joy. :-)

As requested, here is a list of our needs and a few niceties, too:
- Cloth Diapers I don't mind an assortment of styles. I will need some flats for the winter months, since I have no dryer. These dry much faster than the prefolds or all-in-one diapers.
- Covers/Vinyl Pants This is covered now, thanks to another great friend. PTL!
- Natural Baby Wash, Shampoo, Oils and Salves
(stuff like Dr. Bronner's, Burt'Bees, Avalon, Bentley Organic, Weleda, etc)
- Several 3-6 month sleepers (Preferably 100% Cotton)
- Crib - second hand would be perfect
- Two Waterproof Crib Mattress Covers
- Lact-Aid Supplemental Feeding System
I am planning to breastfeed and will use this system until my milk supply is full (indefinitely, if needed). I currently have the Medela SNS but have read lots of negatives and probably will have to upgrade to the Lact-Aid nearly immediately. I wish I would have spent more time on research before I ordered the other one, since they won't accept returns at all. Grr!
- Boppy Pillow
- Rocking Chair (preferably used, an old wooden one would be lovely.
- Baby Stroller - something with good solid wheels for use on dirt roads and flea market gravel areas.
- Several Small Toys made from Natural fibers. i.e cotton, wool, and wooden toys.
If I think of some other things, I may come back and update this list.
Thank you again for all your support and prayer, we feel very loved.

Hopeful Days

I know some of you are dying to hear more information about my short update, and our hopeful adoption.

In July we began working on updating all the necessary paperwork in preparation to hopefully adopt a baby girl. All the necessary background checks: Criminal, sex offender, and child abuse. Plus a home-study update, physical assessments...
Steady progress was being made and I expected to have everything complete within eight weeks, making the date about Sept. 15.

On Sept. 2nd we got a phone call about a baby girl, bi-racial (Caucasian/African American) and within the state. The birth mother is now somewhere between 37-39 weeks pregnant, and has been hospitalized twice with preterm labor during the last three weeks.
We could have placement any day or not for another two weeks. As with any adoption, nothing is for sure until you hold the baby in your arms, though this scenario is extremely positive for several reasons.

Needless to say, life has been a flurry of activity as we try to tie up all the loose ends with paperwork and make baby preparations.

From our previous experience we had expected to finish our paperwork and make contact with several sources, and attorneys and begin the waiting process. During this waiting period we planned to prepare for a baby and continue saving each month toward the expenses involved with adoption. Plus, work on getting a second vehicle that would actually accommodate six people. (currently we only own a truck, which seats five).

We really were not ready, in the physical sense. It has been five years since we had a baby and all our baby things have been passed on to other people who needed them. So I had next to nothing by way of baby things and furniture. We just didn't expect it to happen this fast.

It has been an amazing experience to see God putting things together for us. Many generous friends have blessed us with baby items, clothes and even financial aid. We still do not have another vehicle and the finances for the adoption aren't all together. It has been another faith venture, a bit stretching and exciting and crazy. Through it all, I have a peace that things will continue to work out and fall into place as we have need.

Though this has been exciting it has also been stressful, and busy. We expect that the initial weeks after placement could prove to be a bit rough also. She has had some drug exposure and may have withdrawal issues in relation to this, along with nicotine withdrawal.

Keep us all in your prayers, the mother, the baby and our family too.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Great Happenings

We are off to another adventure, and though it has been a dream for several years we didn't see things happening so quickly.

One moment things are going quite as usual. You move through daily routines and activities and there is no thought that one small shift could completely alter your life . But a phone call has shifted our lives dramatically.

It looks like we will have a newborn baby girl joining our family within the month. Unborn as yet.

I will write more about all that has happened, and is happening soon. I am presently engulfed in a whirlwind of a activity and preparation.

We need your prayers, there are so many details that only God can work out. When we come to your mind please lift all of us up in prayer.