Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of Valentines Day and a Broken Arm

It's Valentines Day  and I am not making paper heart notes or baking something special for all my men.  Instead, I am waiting in the waiting room of a hospital while my son is wheeled into an operating room and the anesthesia takes over his little body and doctor's work on his arm.  No, this is not exactly what anyone was planning yesterday.

It seems like forever ago, that moment just before 3PM yesterday when I heard him scream and I found him sitting in the driveway holding his arm, the dirt bike lying beside him.

The bike was fine, the boy was not.  Later on while x-rays were being taken Keishon commented that it looked just like a grasshoppers leg complete with a claw for a hand.  It really did look awful and I didn't need the x-rays to confirm that it was broken.  There was no question about whether or not it was broken and that is why we went straight to the orthopedic clinic.  Keishon was so brave and strong. He was in an awful LOT of pain but he was a real little man. Everyone (including me) was totally amazed.

I had hoped they would set it in the doctor's office but they doctor's felt sure it would need a pin and so scheduled surgery.
 We prayed about that and that prayer was answered.  He didn't end up needing a pin and they didn't do surgery like they expected though they were all prepared for it and he still had anesthesia.

We see very little of doctors, or they of us. I should have expected the little trip we had, but I forget just how unusual we really are.
The shocked faces of the nurses and me repeating multiple times, to multiple individuals:

"No, he doesn't have any medical records."
"No, he has never seen a doctor before"
"No, he has never has had medications"
"I don't know if he is allergic/sensitive to any drugs, he hasn't ever had any."
"No, he hasn't ever taken any prescription meds"  (Wait, a second, didn't I already just say this twice a moment ago?)
"No, he hasn't had any immunizations"
"No, none"
"No, We don't have a family doctor"
"That is correct. He has never been to a pediatrician, or family doctor, or a hospital"

The nurse shrugs her shoulders and says, "Well, I guess he is pretty healthy."  and I almost laugh outloud.

I think it is confirmed, I should get "The World's Weirdest Mom" Prize today.
Seriously, how weird is this mom? I guess he is still alive, right? And, he does seem healthy enough.

Even through his pain Keishon was rather entertained by these conversations and astutely observed that they kept asking the same thing over again.  I explained that they most likely didn't really believe me.  Given his limited world view he wanted to know why they would think he needed to see a doctor before breaking his arm. :-)

And now it is all over.  We are home again, and I am exhausted .

Mr. man is displaying a bright green cast and doing quite well.  He is drinking lots of mullein tea and taking handfuls of Complete Tissue & Bone Formula.  Last night he slept much better and woke up to reclaim his big brother status.

I would like very much to pack up the dirt bikes and send them back to where they came from.  Surprisingly, I am out numbered, none of the men/boys think that this is at all necessary.