Friday, July 30, 2010


Tonight I found a blog on hospitality that really inspired and challenged me. 

"Hospitality is {not} a Dirty Word "

My favorite quote from this blog:

"The biggest challenge that God has lain upon my heart through my journey to understand what hospitality is and is not, is that hospitality does not ask me to be impressive - with my home, with my food, with myself. Lay the measuring stick of perfectionism aside, and open your doors wide. Simply share with others what God has blessed you with – no matter what that is or looks like. When we choose to practice biblical hospitality we will soon learn that it is a lifestyle that spills from our heart."

 That I needed to hear again.  Why is it so easy to forget and turn our focus inward?  I'm glad for reminders, because I surely need them.

"When hospitality becomes an art it looses it's very soul." 
- M. Beerbohm

" In hospitality, the chief thing is the good will." 
- A Greek Proverb.

If you have never read
"Open Heart, Open Home" by Karen Mains
do try to get yours hands on it.  This is truly a great book and changed the whole way I look at opening my home.  It is inspiring and challenging at the same time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Moments of Quiet in a Whirlwind Life

I am so completely exhausted lately...  every single day!!!

My life is moving at a frenetic pace.  It is all craziness, but there doesn't seem to be one thing that I can do to change it.  Or maybe I am just blind and can't see it, that is possible, too.

I am trying to carve out little moments of quietness here and there.  Tonight was one of those moments that I intentionally stopped and took the boys out for a walk/bike ride.  It was lovely, the afternoon storm had cooled the air and made everything feel so much nicer than usual.  The guys biked, explored, dug in the clay, found a moth and deer tracks and generally had a great time.  I was reminded once again that I really need to do this more often for them, and for me.  It was great to just spend some time walking, praying, and singing, and just leaving the to do list behind for just a short time.  Yeah, I will probably have to get up at 5AM tomorrow, but my kids are truly more important.

Even in the middle of this hectic time I am getting some things done that I have wanted to do for a long time!  Actually tackling a bucket list item! I am .... learning to SWIM!

Imagine that!  Really, it is Quite shocking to me, too!
It is all because of  a lovely friend who happens to have background as a life guard and when she discovered that I didn't know how to swim (blush) she absolutely insisted that I let her teach me.  She is a fabulous teacher!!!!   Though I really "didn't have time", last Wednesday afternoon was carved out and I had my first swim "lesson". I surprised her and myself, as well.  This week we will give it another whirl.  Of course, with three boys diving around me it creates a bit of turbulence and gives me some extra little learning curves, but it's all good. :-)  I'm really excited about this week, and the boys are counting the days, since they absolutely adore water.

Dh will be home again any moment, so off I go to do a last minute quick tidy of our room.  Goodnight!