Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Yes, I admit it….. I Have been avoiding my blog, and I can’t honestly say why. It’s true, the last two weeks have been busy, stressful sort of weeks. Oh, there’s been nothing hugely momentous, just plenty of little trifles, lots of running about and all our evenings full, full, full.
I think I blog more for myself than for any other reason. I like having a photo journal, a living scrapbook of sorts. Homeschooling three boys, and juggling all my other normal responsibilities leaves me no time to compile the beautiful scrapbooks that I used to make. I suppose this is my “new” way of preserving memories. Plus, blogging has it s perks…..comments from dear friends and readers. And so I blog….ha…or try to anyway.
This morning was another “normal” school day. We finished most of our work by noon and then headed outdoors to hike. The weather was perfectly gorgeous and wind was warm and invigorating. We had a lovely time!

But tonight I am tired, and I have a huge “to-do list” (I always do). Still….. maybe I will just make myself a cup of tea and curl up with a book near the Christmas tree. It sounds deliciously inviting.
What shall I read? Oh, I would love to hear your suggestions.