Saturday, July 09, 2011

Break Even Day

Princess Pea is Nine Months Old

I can't believe it has been nine months, already!

Little Princess is now mobile and getting wherever she wants to go. Communicates well, and says "Day-ee" and "MamMam" and a very steady flow of baby talk.

 She remains firmly attached to my side, and we dub her the "barnacle baby". Although this is inconvenient at times, it is a good thing.  We have no attachment disorder to work with, and that is truly a Huge blessing.

She is still not interested in solid food at all.  Breastfeeding 100% of the time, but still using the SNS and supplementing a few ounces of Homemade Goat Milk Formula (adapted from the Nourishing Traditions Recipe by Sally Fallon). It is kind of amazing to have made it this far, but it seems totally normal and everyday to me.  It has been a great experience and I would absolutely recommend it.

Happy weekend and a blessed Sunday for each of you!


  1. aw that is sooo sweet!! I'm so happy for you and Princess Pea! I hope she knows how truly blessed she is for having been gifted a mama like you! I hope to catch up with you soon...take care my sweet friend! Much love to you xo

  2. She is exquisite! Having just received our third princess, I stand in awe sometimes at the undeniable differences in mothering little girls versus little boys... Keeps me learning! I love to read your adventures.

  3. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

    indeed a little Princess...look at those EYES!!

    God bless you EVERY day for the wonderful LOVE you give to this fortunate little girl!!!

    Aubrey's mom

  4. Thanks for posting her nine month photos. I was waiting for them and you did not disappoint me. She is getting cuter every day. Of course, your boys are handsome too. I enjoy their interaction with all the animals on your farm. Your fresh vegetables look so delicious - Wish I could have a garden like that, but WA summers are cold & wet (so far, that is).

    Have you heard from your Cousin Shelly Olsen in Utah? I shared your website with her. She recently returned from a Culinary school in Lyon, France and I'm waiting for some recipes.
    She shared her experiences via a daily blog.
    Love to you, Duane and your precious family.
    Aunt Mary


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