Saturday, October 09, 2010

Photo update

  Itty Bitty awake, just before her 2PM feeding.

The IV ports were all removed at 5PM.
At 8 after the nursery shift change we will get to see her again and dress her for the first time.  She is doing GREAT!  Thank you for your continued prayer.


  1. So very precious. Welcome to our family!
    Grandpa & Grandma B.

  2. She is sooo cute!!! Much love~prayers! xo

  3. We know that you are relishing your bonding time with Alexis, We are praying that you will be able to bring her home soon.

    Pastor Kelly

  4. I want to hold my niece... the little girl born on my birthday! She's precious...

  5. We just love her already. Everyone here thinks she is the cutest!
    If I would not need to be here to deliver Joyce's baby I would feel like getting in the car and coming right down.
    Hang in there little mama - you will soon have here home. We are praying they will release her today.


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