Monday, October 04, 2010

Fall is here wearing its changing colors.

I do so love fall weather!  
The crisp cool mornings and the air full of change and newness.  
It is not only in the great outdoors where we see the face of change but for us it is also in our personal lives. Like the misty fog in the early morning hours it hangs over us, veiling the horizon in haze. 
 It's hard to be still and calm in those awkward and uncertain times when you can't be quite sure which way you are supposed to turn at the crossroads.  We have really been praying for God to direct us, and lead us.  
All we know for sure is that we have been given the verse "Seek you first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added unto you."
So we are going with that and waiting to see what He will make clear in His time.  Now is the time for patience and waiting.
 Interesting that just a few days ago, a white dove arrived. We have no idea where she is from.
 Its fun to think of it as a sign of peace and blessing, especially right now. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't.  I don't mind believing in signs, especially beautiful ones that hold such wonderful meaning.

But daily life does go on, and I have to remind myself that little people don't need to feel the stress of adult life.  Keep it light, and sweet and joyful.  When the house is quiet that sounds so easy and wonderful, but it is easy for those thoughts and ideals to get lost in the clatter and bang and jumble of life with three boys, and on some days you might just make that four.  :-)
I think we have fallen into our new school grove and things are going well.  The boys are enjoying our mornings of school.  I am too, only for some reason I find myself nearly exhausted by noon every single day
The relief of cool weather has drawn everyone outdoors for long hours of fresh air and sunshine. This is truly wonderful for the boys, and for me too!
  Dear friends gave us a two nanny goats, one that had two 1week old kids.  The boys have really enjoyed the kids! and the milk. 
I have got to say, I never ever thought I would be milking a goat, not in my wildest dream!
 The craziest part is that I don't mind it, I actually kind of like it. Its especially cool for us because the boys can't handle regular cows milk.  I am not crazy about goat milk, and D won't touch it.  But it is awesome for the kiddos.  I do like chevre,  feta, and halloumi. If we have a surplus I'll give goat cheese a whirl, it shouldn't be any more difficult that cheese making with cow milk.
So, are the kids with the kids. :-)

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  1. aww precious photos!!! Miss yall so much! I'm sorry I keep missin much going on here and there and then my parents were here for ten days...ahhhhh life just doesn't slow down enough for me to catch up with everyone! Know that you are always in my, Aubrey


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