Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lexie - 2 wks

Has it really been a whole week since my last post?  My, oh my, how the days have flown past.

Baby Love is two weeks old today.  We think she is the cutest thing we ever did see and we just can't stop kissing her soft baby cheeks.  

You don't think Adison is in love, do you? 

 Oh, but wait till you hear what he asked me two days ago. 
He was sitting on the couch cuddling Lexie and holding her baby fingers in his with the most infinite tenderness when he looked up and said, "Oh Mommy, could you ever actually marry your sister?"   Lexie stole his heart and he is so in love with her.

The other brothers are in exactly the same shoes. They are both mighty proud of their little Itty Bitty.

Keishon is my special babysitting help.  He is fabulous with her, so very protective and  gentle.

So there you have it.  Life here is all about baby right now.  We will blog other things in good time, for now bear with me a bit.


  1. WONDEFUL!!! Such a sweet HAPPY family you have. I am still rejoicing with you in God's care and giving you the desire of your hearts.

    God bless you in each day of this new life with Lexie!

    Aubrey's mom

  2. We don't mind hearing all about baby. She is so precious! She will be the most protected sister with three big brothers. How awesome!

  3. Oh, she *is* beautiful! I have got to read more to catch up on her arrival! :) Congratulations!!!


  4. Love the pictures! She has grown already:-)

  5. What a doll! When can I hold her?
    We do not mind what you post - only keep posting.
    Already under the spell of the dolly - I knew they would just love her and it would bring out all the gentleness in there that you don't see when it is all boys.
    Your mama

  6. By all means, blog to your heart's content about the littlest one! I think she is the cutest thing too...I can't wait for my turn to hold her, but it appears there will be a line :)

  7. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! We cannot wait to see and hold her! Dara

  8. I ADORE these photos! And perhaps a photoshoot is in order when I come to SC next Spring??? Thank you for your sweet comments, I left you a comment back on my post! I LOVE your profile photo. I have a box to send you soon...will try to get it off to you soon, just a few things for baby Lexi and Mama :)


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