Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

No, your right.....
 she doesn't Exactly help me.

But she would like to think she helps, and one day she will actually be a huge help.

For now, Lexie loves being in the middle of everything we do.  She wants to hold a book when one of the boys is reading to me, she loves to be right there on the counter or the table while I am cooking, or folding laundry or weeding.  She wants to hold something real, forget the baby toys.  A salad spinner is much more fun, or a big leaf of spinach.  If I am doing laundry she wants a piece of laundry, and yes, she will most likely end up sucking on it.  When I am weeding or planting in the garden she is happiest with a fist full of grass, or Henbit.

This stage reminds me that right here is where it all starts.  If we want our kids to work with us when they are older we have to let them hang with us when they are really to little to offer an valuable help.
We want them be involved and work hard later on in life, and this is easiest taught before they are three years old in fun ways.

At six months Lexie is already learning things as she hangs out with us in the thick of things.
 She is Mommy's Little Helper in Training.


  1. Wow, I can get idea of how "itty bitty" she is here..Judson barely fits in his bumbo anymore and her little let barely fill the space! Gotta say she is the cutest little neice in the Burkholder family! :) Lorida

  2. This is such a sweet picture! She is adorable! Just found your blog and so glad that I did.

  3. Lorida,
    Thanks for stopping in, and leaving me a comment. I wish I could see Judson, it is fun that they are so close to the same age and just to bad that we live so far apart.

    Thanks for the comment, you are most welcome here anytime!


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