Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farm Babies

The baby kids are so SWEET!

Full moon was April 18, our animals all had their babies the day before on the 17th.
This is Mulk's  right before she kidded.

Mulks is 1/2 alpine, and if I remember correctly, part  Saanen, Nigerian Dwarf.

This was her first kidding and she had two kids, both female, YEAH.  We had her bred with a friend's Nubian and the kids both have the long floppy Nubian ears and they don't look a bit like their mother.

The sow had six piglets and she balanced things out by having 5 males and only one female.  Arggh.

And four baby bunnies too. Here is the one of them, K says it looks more like a squirrel than a bunny. LOL!

Everyone is especially enjoying the cute bunnies and the funny little kids.  We chose to bottle feed our kids this time around and hopefully they will be easier to handle and more people friendly.  After the initial first days, the boys have taken over this job.

Nick is a natural around the kids and loves to take care of them.

I, personally, am floored at how many animals we have around this place. Five years ago I would never have guessed that we would be doing this. Shoot, even two years ago I might not have believed it.
But here we are, and strange enough I am enjoying the early morning milking routines, and I love seeing the boys relating with the animals.


  1. Ahhh. the kids are so cute! I bet the boys love them. It reminds me of when we found two baby kids in grenada...jana and i raised them until they were too big to keep on the compound. they followed us around like puppies....they were so cute. lorida

  2. Oh my goodness: you could not show me *enough* pictures of this! LOVE these photos! This is one of my dreams- having this kind of little farm with animals. (The only thing missing would be a cow, in my opinion :))

  3. Sure looks like it is springtime around there. And the boys are having fun!

    Grandma B.


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