Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"Mom, you need to look in my ear, it kinda feels like there is a BB in there."

I narrowed my eyes just slightly and said, "Add, would that be because there IS a BB in your ear?  Maybe you had better come here."

He came over to the couch, where I sat nursing Lexie, and I peered down his ear canal.  Yes,  I saw the shiny BB lodged rather deeply in his ear canal.  He must have tried to get it out on his own earlier.  An inspection of the opposite ear revealed the same condition there.  BB's in BOTH ears? 

Honestly, we do have things to do around here besides filling our ears with BB's. 

I know that most people would head straight to the emergency room or the doctor's office to get this sort of thing removed "professionally". 
Around here, we don't have insurance to cover this sort of thing and ...........neither are we extremely doctor friendly.................surely I can figure out a way to get this out myself.  Right?
Besides, D was not at home.  We have only one vehicle, so I couldn't have gone anywhere had I wanted to do so.  What to do?

The tricky part is simply making sure that whatever I do, I do not push it down further into the ear canal.
  It was already too deep in the ear canal to tweezer it out.  

After some thought and prayer, I got a small bulb syringe and warm water and gently filled the ear canal with water.  Then I proceeded to gyrate his ear around in hopes that some water would go around the edges of the BB and maybe it would float up.  No such luck!  Next I had him flip his head over and we thumped around on his head a good deal and sure enough, out it popped.  Then we worked on the opposite side which didn't come out nearly as quickly, but finally it also came out.  
I had him banging on his own head, so it was a joint effort. :-) 
And just in case you are concerned, he wasn't crying, and was not in anyway injured by all this pulling, twisting, and thumping. 

I kidded him that I was just knocking some sense into his head, so it wouldn't happen again.  But we did have a little conversation where in we discussed the possible side effects this could have had, including an emergency trip to the Doctor.  Doctor is not a familiar word to my children and it carries a very SERIOUS stigma. 

Life is interesting, isn't it?  Do you have kids and BB's?  Beware!  :-)


  1. That is so funny! We have never had a bb but Noah put a beetle in his ear, a big ugly one, when he was about 5. We had to go to the doctor because we couldn't get it out! They said they see so many different things in kids ears:)

  2. That's boys for you! Glad you were able to get it out without further incident!

  3. Okay... That gave me a laugh! Especially the part about maybe the BB would sort of float up. Just think of all the skills you are gaining free of charge from your little crew. Love your blog. Oh, and the baby is like candy, absolutely deliciously sweet. Dorcas P.

  4. Too funny! I'm surprised Lauren hasn't had anything stuck in her ear yet... She came in recently and said her throat felt scratchy and irritated. We finally came to realize that she had "accidentally" swallowed a piece of broad grass.

    I love to see all the pictures.

  5. I know it wasn't funny at the time but I am sure you can laugh about it now! I admire you for getting in there and coming up with a plan that worked so quickly! If you haven't entered my all natural organic giveaway I would love for you to.


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