Monday, April 04, 2011

Back Online

Hey there my friends!
It is good to be back, and I am so glad to have a lovely new laptop.  It is a sweet little Lenovo Think Pad and I truly love it!  I cried no tears about parting with my clunky old Dell and it's dear broken hinges. I am really not sentimental in that way.  Actually, I am afraid, I am not very sentimental in ANY way.

The past two weeks have flown by and so much has happened in that time. I have lots and lots of pictures about everything from birthdays to gardening to nature notebooking.  And I do hope to have some time soon to post a few of these things.

The biggest events were my oldest son turned nine years old.  Goodness, when did he suddenly become so grown up?

 Lexie started sitting alone without any support.  Sweet little bitty that she is!

and again, laughing her silly little laugh.

 We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Charleston, SC.  The camera batteries died and I didn't take any pictures.  But then, it isn't like you haven't seen us before.
We did have a lovely relaxing time.  Charleston was lovely, as usual. On our first night the reservation department had reserved the wrong dates for us.  All of the regular hotels in the area were booked full due to some events in the area. They ended up moving us for one night to the Lodge Alley Inn Resort where we got a two bedroom apartment on Meeting Street. Which cost us nothing at all, since it was their mistake. Sweetness!

This was nice mistake for us, though it was Friday night on Meeting Street and there was certainly a noise factor.  The funniest part had to be the valet parking.  It was late and it just struck me as horribly funny to park our GGB (Great Green Beast) with all of its grand diesel rumble at the curb of a Lodge Resort Inn.  Hah Hah! The utter discrepancy was just hilarious.
We enjoyed some great meals, walking along the Battery, through the market and downtown area as well as plenty of down time. It was so refreshing!

Lexie went along with us and she was a show stopper, as usual.  I know she is cute, but what I wasn't prepared for is the perfect strangers that asked to hold her.  In two days time I had six of these requests.
Uh, no....I don't  exactly pass my baby around to strangers.  Did they actually think I would hand over my baby gem?  For real?

I promise I'll be back soon with more photos.


  1. awwww..lexie is so cute! she is growing so fast! lorida

  2. 10 years, my friend!!!! WOW! Ours will be next year... Seems much longer in some ways and like yesterday in others. Time is amazing! Congratulations!!

  3. She is so cute!!! I could eat her up:) I am so glad you had fun. I hate you were so close and we missed you.

  4. Hey Jolie, we would love to see you again! Our time in Charleston was really short, but we will be down that way again soon. Maybe we could work out getting together somewhere, it has been so long and oh, how much fun it would be to see you all again. Hugs!

  5. Tancy,
    Isn't it funny how time can seem to pass so fast and so slowly all at the same time?

  6. If I remember right, your little doll is a whole month younger than mine, who, is being rather unmotivated about that whole sitting alone thing. She is adorable, but just for the record, can someone with little rolls on her arms AND legs still be considered "itty bitty?" Maybe there's hope for me. LoL.

  7. Hey Rachel,
    She really IS Itty Bitty, she doesn't quite weigh 12lbs yet. She is healthy and has little bits of pudgy on her arms and legs and obviously is doing well developmentally but she is SOO little. Just miniature, still wearing 3 month or 3-6 months clothes. Something you just can't see in pictures.


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