Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving on...

OK... Time to move on with this blog.
Before I resume our "normal life blogging" I must back up and briefly cap our last two, rather emotional, weeks.

On Saturday, 10-3-09 we found out that "our" little girl was born 8 days earlier (9-25-09). We had been promised a call when the birth mother went into labor and told that we were to be present at the hospital during the delivery etc. etc.

The para legal and attorney never contacted us at all and it was only through my attempt to contact them that I found out anything. Itty Bitty baby girl is now in foster care and beyond our reach. Our dealings with this paralegal have been very upsetting. She (the paralegal) has been less the honest and up front with us.
Quite a few rather blurred days have past, with lots of tears and questions.

But time is healing, and gracious. Life has returned to a new normal. We still have an empty bassinet and unanswered questions, but we have chosen to continually leave this before the Lord. We can only wait to see how He decides to make sense of this story.

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