Friday, June 15, 2012

My new favorite person?

It absolutely has got to be Christine Moer.

She is my therapy.  I discovered her through a blog, from a blog.

I watched  Chaos to Healing   last month and lots of her youtube movies since then, and this week I convinced D to watch Chaos to Healing with me. (little victory dance go'in on) :-)

If you have a child of trama in your home (or work with a child(ren) of trama) you will find Christine very encouraging and helpful.  Do yourself and your kids a big favor and check out Chaos to Healing.

I love you Christine!

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  1. I have missed you so much, and been worried that my silence may have been taken for rejection. Be assured sista that IS NOT THE CASE. :) I am praying EVERY SINGLE DAY for YOU.
    We have no Internet at home and live far from the city.
    I like the video, and I agree...except that often what the "RADish" child is doing is affecting the OTHER CHILDREN. This is great if you only have a RAD child.
    Sj---and how is your MOMMA?


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