Friday, June 03, 2011

These guys make me smile! 
Yes, they made me smile even when there were three loads of laundry on my living room couch and a mound of green beans on the kitchen table waiting to be snapped, plus dirty dishes on the counters.

I was having one of those moments of intense frustration, and feeling so very behind in absolutely everything. I went in search of boys for chore assistance and this is what I found. 

It just made me laugh, this combination is really to funny for words.  

Are you smiling, too?
If you have a good caption for this photo, please do leave it the comments. 


  1. I definitely know the "feeling behind in everything" feeling. That's common around here too! Sorry, no captions from me but I would like to know the thoughts behind the "checkerboard" on the chest. Too funny boys are, way too funny!!

  2. Ready, Set, GO!!
    What fun. Isn't it great that you can smile even when you are behind. Perhaps that is one reason why God gave us children. He knows we need those lighter moments.
    Take a deep breath, now three more and go look again. You never know what you will find this time. ; )
    Your mama

  3. oh wow, that is awesome! such great imaginations! I was yelling hi at you all as i drove through south carolina. I am with friends in Florida. Lorida

  4. Love everything about that picture!


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