Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Farmette in Need of a Name

 I picked up our new geography book and began to read the first lines to the boys, and then I laughed out loud and read them again.  

"Once in a while you find yourself in an odd situation.  

You get into it by degrees and in the most natural way but, when you are right in the midst of it, you are suddenly astonished and ask yourself how in the world it all came to be."
 - Kontiki by Thor Heyerdahl

Heyerdahl sums up my feelings about our farmette better than I could for myself. 

We really need to name this little farmette! But we haven't hit on the perfect name and we have been at this naming game for over a year.  

But the game must stop and we must land a name for this little portion of terra firma.

We joke about naming it
Google Farm - because we google everything and most of what we know we have learned through this medium. 
But what if one day we needed to label a product with the name of our farm?
No, it simply will not do!

I need to make business cards to leave in strategic spots and hand out to unsuspecting friends in hopes that I might be able to sell a few of the oodles of eggs and gallons of milk that are overrunning us.

But it isn't like naming a farm is the only thing I have to do right now.  There are berries to pick

a garden to weed. Oh, please don't come look at all my weeds, it is truly dreadful this year, and I am mortified. But the tomatoes are lovely!

(No, we don't grow Math-U-See cubes, though sometimes the kitchen floor looks like we might be growing them. Haha!)

We have also been Loving our Heirloom Dragon Tongue and Empress Beans.

and the Fresh Purple Stripe Garlic is absolutely amazing!!!!

Anything we don't want to eat will always be welcomed by Mama porker and her babies.

But a name? 
We simply Must have a name (and it cannot have our last name in it, for various reasons). 

Barefoot Ridge
Farthing Place
Ridge Croft

Do you have a suggestion?


  1. Oh I am a little jealous that you have already gotten a harvest!!Our plants are just now beginning to bloom. Your berries look awesome!!

  2. I found you by googling name ideas for a farmette because I want one that is just right, but I can't seem to find it. Then I became enthralled because several things caught my attention. First, in your profile, I noticed that you are a Christian home schooler, as am I. Then I saw that you follow The Flourishing Mother, and it so happens that Andrea is one of my dearest real-life friends, so I wondered if you might know her as well? And then I read your comment about being married to a visionary, and I think you must also read NGJ, and have picked up Debi's terminology? I just had to stop in and say hello after all of those similarities!
    Your farmette is beautiful and obviously filled with joy and love, and all the fruits of your hard work. The word that comes to mind when I see your life on my computer screen is "promise." A little bit because it is the result of your faithfulness to all of the commitments in your life (and I know there are many!) but more so because the work you are doing now hold so much promise for the future. You plant your fields and tend our animals because of the promise of a good harvest; you raise your children with love and dedication because of the promise of joyful, Christ-honoring futures for them. It is all so beautiful and hopeful. Hey - what about calling your farm something like Promise Patch? :-) I do hope you find the perfect name! (If you have any suggestions for an old 1812 farmhouse with two small ponds, let me know.) ~L


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