Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"You don't need a "mansion" to have a well appointed, lovely and welcoming home.... I had forgotten.  Your friendship reminded me. "

These are words from a dear friend to me just today.  They brought tears to my eyes.  This is what I want for our home, each and every day.  A welcoming spot, a gentle reminder of things larger than consumerism, and the American dream, a place where we can share Christ and give (and receive, too).

And yet.......
I'll admit sometimes I do cringe when I welcome friends who live in large, lovely homes into my little 1993 Fleetwood, with its grand total of  l200 square feet.  It is a 17 year old double wide, and friends, this fact can't be hidden.

Or can it?
Facts will be facts, of course.

But maybe it doesn't matter quite as much as we have been led to believe.

Maybe, just maybe it is more about friendship and sharing and caring and loving.

Oh, we could live in a mansion, and have a 30 year loan hanging over our heads. But we have chosen not to do this, and someday we may get our chance to build our little dream cottage.
Or not.
 Either way, no matter where I live I want to always remember to share what we do have without apology.
 It is what God has given to us, to share with others for His glory.

I needed this reminder, it is so easy to forget.


  1. What sweet, *true* words from your friend.

    I've felt the same way before~ feeling apologetic, almost, about our little 1920's Craftsman (as much as I love it.)

    This is a good reminder to me, too- that hospitality is so much more than the HOUSE. It's the friendship and warmth from within.

  2. Well of course they would say it to YOU, because that is so you and I feel blessed to have you for a dear friend! We'll catch up soon! The good news is that we'll be coming to SC before we leave and we'll definitely have to spend at least an evening with you! xoxo I got a birthday box for you btw...I did not forget your birthday is next week...I will try to get it in the mail soon...I'm finishing up something for you xo


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