Sunday, November 07, 2010

It's the weekend

On Friday we went hiking with a lovely friend, Kerstin and her kids.  Everyone had a wonderful afternoon, I think baby girl would perhaps live in the wrap quite contentedly for days on end.  
I, for one, was thrilled to be out doors with nothing to do but trail along after the children.  Kind of therapeutic and rejuvenating. Very needed in my life just now.

Really, I am getting pretty close to a walking zombie these days.  Strange enough, it has had some good side effects.  Lack of sleep has made me more mellow, and low key. 
Weird, I know, but still true.
 Like tonight....two months ago I would not have been sitting here staring at a computer screen.  I would have been picking up the living room, washing dishes, and laying out school stuff.  Make no mistake, all of those things really "should" be done (plus about a gazillion other things, too.)  but I am frankly to tired and so...........well, just don't come visit me right now if you wanna see my house. :-)

See.... here I am, just rambling and babbling when I had really intended to simply post some hiking photos. Half of which didn't even turn out because the camera settings were all screwed up, must be my baby brains.

That was our fun relaxing Friday afternoon. Well, okay making it out the door at 1PM was NOT relaxing but after that it was all good.  :-)
Saturday we spent the morning at the flea market and came away with a wonderful loot of boys clothes size 10-14 for just $28.  A huge Dillards bag full of clothes, all of them in like new condition, name brand, etc.
The mother was telling me that they had never been dried in the dryer and she always ironed everything when she laundered. I smiled and nodded and thought about the last time I ironed.
Probably on a Sunday morning,  to make my dh's dress shirt presentable for church.
  Do I ever iron jeans or T-shirts?
 Ummm,  that would be a NO! But I guess you can do stuff like that when you only have 1 kid, and I won't complain because I am all to happy to have these clothes.  Sweetness! 
We wandered around and found a few other great deals, ate some boiled peanuts and stocked up on some produce from the Mexican stands before heading home.

 Then we seriously worked our brains out trying to quickly finish the greenhouse for the aquaponic system before nightfall.  Last night the temp dropped to 31 and knowing this was the forecast we really didn't want to loose everything.  We did get things winterized AND ate dinner at 9:30PM (horrors, I know, and so bad for your digestion.  But what was I to do? We were all starving and the guys certainly wouldn't have been happy to wait until breakfast).  
We rejoiced that we could turn the clock back in the morning.  Which we actually haven't even gotten around to doing yet. Tomorrow, yes... I will do it tomorrow.  Maybe I can post the greenhouse pictures too,...... or not..... since I will be in the office all afternoon while D takes all the boys to the dentist.
Goodnight.  I am off to nurse Itty Bitty.


  1. Well if its any are absolutely the lovliest "zombie" I have ever seen :o)

  2. You look *great* for not getting much sleep! :)

    Thank you for your comments on my blog, LeAnn. I will keep you and yours in my prayers.

    (((Hugs))) to you for all of it, and may God give you strength and grace each day as you parent these ones He has entrusted to you.


  3. Hey LeAnn!
    Glad to follow your blog! :-)

    Are you nursing the new baby? Or using a formula?


  4. Laura, and Stacy, Thank you for the kind comments. You are both too sweet.

    Kristen - I am breastfeeding! and also using a supplemental feeding system called the Lact-aid. I have several dear friends who have donated breastmilk which I have used in the feeding system (along with some organic baby formula because the breastmilk supply is limited). I am doing this until my milk supply increases, hopefully by 12 weeks we will be able to breastfeed without any aids, Lord willing.
    If you aren't familiar with the way the supplemental feeding system (Lact-Aid) works. It is simply a small tube that you put at the breast when the baby latches on and as they suckle they get milk from a small bag which is attached to the tube. This stimulates milk production while ensuring that the baby is getting adequate nutrition. She hasn't has a single bottle since she was released from the hospital at 5 days. :) I actually tried to give her one the other day, and she gagged on it, and totally rejected it. :O
    It has been a very sweet experience and is Totally worth the extra work.

  5. Was also wondering which baby wrap is that?

  6. It is the Moby wrap - a lovely hand-me-down from a friend.
    Can be purchased here
    But seriously, it would be SOOO easy to make. It is a piece of T-shirt type fabric that is 20" wide and 6 yards long. There is a pocket sewn in the middle for convenient stashing of small items and there are two rings on one end , but you could just knot it.
    I LOVE this wrap for small babies!

  7. Wow!
    I've heard you could breastfeed without giving birth - but never known anyone to do it!
    How many days did it take with the Lact-Aid before you had milk production? Are you about half and half now?

    You should do a blog post on this!

    - Kristen


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