Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey there

Baby girl waves hello to each of you.

 Today Lexie is 6 weeks old

7lbs 2 oz
20 " long
She has grown 2" and gained  1lb 8oz since we brought her home.

I love the way she raises her eyebrows and wrinkles her forehead.

 This week she started to respond with big smiles and little baby "talking" noises that are halfway between a gasp and a giggle. Duane is entranced, I have never seen him so totally into a baby like he is with Lexie.  It is the sweetest thing!


  1. Lil girls have a way of wrapping themselves around the heart of daddy... I agree, there is nothing like it.

  2. What a beautiful girl! Thanks for stopping by today. I loved reading your induced lactation post. A friend of mine recently adopted and is working on trying to breastfeed. What a wonderful way God has made us to be able to adopt as He does us, and to feed them with ourselves, as He does us. :)


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