Thursday, December 08, 2011

And they all lived happily.....after FOREVER.

Did you ever have a REALLY long day, the kind that felt like you had been through enough for an entire day by 11AM.  A day that feels like FOREVER?

Then you will appreciate what I overheard from the play of me seven year old as he told a story in the  next room.   His story ended like this

....and the all lived happily after FOREVER."

I grinned to myself as I wiped up a dirty kitchen counter and rinsed out the sink from dish washing (and picked the legos out of the drain).  I repeated that little line to myself and then I laughed out loud.

So if you are in the middle of an extra rough portion of your own road in life, even if it seems like FOREVER, there is happily coming soon.  Keep on keeping on!


  1. Oh Yes! FOREVER days happen at my house but their are plenty of "happily" days too. Actually though, most days I wish for a little MORE forever. I'm just amazed at how quickly a day or a week or a month can pass around here with so very little crossed off my to do list. I have SO got to get that Superwoman power activated!!! :o)

  2. Triple "LIKE"!!! Alot of forever days here... It's those special God "hugs" that keep me going. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you Lord! I have days like that! :) I love all the pictures from wordless wednesdays!! :) Itty Bitty is sooooo precious! xoxo


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