Sunday, October 30, 2011

October- A Month in Photos

The cooler fall weather is here and I love being outdoors in the early morning cool air as the sun rises.  Everything is beautiful, even the ornery wethers.

D is super happy to have a tractor on the farm.  The tractor is in beautiful condition and an answer to the prayers of more than a year.

In September a dear friend came to give us a hand with planting our pasture since we still didn't have a tractor.  That pasture looks lovely this month and we are so grateful that we are now able to start on the next pasture and do it ourselves.  

Early in the month my mom and little sister came to visit us and we had a lovely time together.  We made some fun and silly memories.

The day after my mom traveled home, D  left on a little mission trip with Trav  and the next ten days I spent a LOT of time in the office keeping things running and hopefully in good shape.  I was super thankful for my mom's kindly offer to take two of the boys home with her for a bit to make my life easier.  I gratefully accepted and still had my hands more than full as it was.

While D was gone we had a tiny bit of drama relating to the little girl  I have been babysitting for the the last 4 months and the week after D returned was the last time we babysat little E.  I do miss the little muffin.

We just added ducks to our farm (while D was gone K and I picked them up). These were gifted to us like so many other animals on the farm.  In the spring they will start laying and I must say that I really look forward to having duck for dinner some night next fall.

Lexie celebrated her first birthday and we got our very first correspondence with her birthmother.  A birthday card and a tiny little note requesting more photos.  It was so sweet and touching.  

We had a lovely zoo outing with some very dear friends Kim,  Heather, and their kids.

And the hard business of cutting teeth,  Lexie just got her top two teeth this month and  is showing them off and grateful to feel a bit better again.  This time around was rough for her, and for me too.

Hope you had a lovely month!


  1. Mike is super impressed with the tractor.:)

  2. Oh all of these pictures are so adorable! I agree that tractor is awesome!!


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