Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Birthday Boy & Contemplating Intentional Living

The Add man just turned seven, and he informs us that he can now do more farm chores because he is older.  Sounds like a good plan to me. :-)

Here he is with his birthday cake of choice a Banana Cake with Mini Chocolate Chips. Naturally, at birthdays I think back to the baby days and about how much has changed since then.

Several days ago I found this picture taken in May 2005 when we visited family in Pa and spent an afternoon with my Granny.  She is no longer with us, and Add won't really remember her but for me the picture is special.  In this picture Add man is about 8 months old. Nick 19 months and K. is 3 years old.

I looked at the picture and I had a flash back of those very busy toddler days when all the boys were three or younger.  It is funny that I am just as busy now, but it is a different kind of busy. Can I say more stressful? I am not sure.

Then it struck me that in another seven years the boys will be 14, 15, and 16 1/2 and Itty Bits will be almost 8 years old.  WOW!

I really want to make the most of these years and not to allow myself to simply be carried on the wind of the next pressing task or duty.  I want some perspective and want my days to be filled with purposeful and meaningful choices.

But honestly, so many times I am just getting through the day and feeling overwhelmed with all my responsibilities.

Do you know what I mean?  How do YOU stop and really live intentionally every day?


  1. LeAnn... read aloud ;) heheh. but seriously, I have been thinking the same thing as I may only have 5 more years with my oldest... yikes, did I just write that?! oh my.

    I think we absolutely must treasure the moments. Realizing how fleeting and how precious it is to have our children where they are RIGHT NOW. Treasure the three year old jabber that soon will turn to proper speech, the boys who make blubbering motor sounds before they realize it's not cool, the carefree over accessorizing 8yo girl who wears pearls and tights and tutus and braids prior to becoming really fashion conscious. Because really, someday they will fly, fly away.

    I might cry now.


    Good to see you!! Thanks for visiting. I have talked on several different occasions about your gorgeous baby girl!!

    amy in peru

  2. You just wrote out a very real thought process for me as well. I am in that diaper changing, nursing baby stage and I often tell myself that I WILL miss this someday. At those moments when I am overwhelmed and wanna cry, hide, or run; I try to stop take a few moments of me time and refocus. I also find great encouragement from other older women(mostly online) who have walked this road before me and they all say the same thing. "YOU WILL MISS THIS!" I think for me the most helpful thing is to appreciate and celebrate the little things! Hugs to you, girl, it sure is nice to know that we are not in this alone.

  3. Take it one moment at a time, with prayer in your heart and a song on your lips.
    You know as well as anybody that I did not always manage to do that but I sure wanted to.
    And where are you all now - going, going, almost gone! Oh but I miss you and treasure the memories!
    your lovin' mama

  4. This is the "class" God has me studying in these days too! This summer I did a little project that helped me a lot. I determined to make 101 memories with my kids (one for every day of summer.) I posted an album on Facebook to keep me accountable and we had a great summer! Some of our 101 were "big" (several days at the beach) most were small( bubble blowing, picnic lunch,that kind of things.) Some were special things I did for the kids some were things I wanted to remember. Have you read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp? It's definitely been part of my curriculum for this class. I'd love to here what your solutions are too!

  5. Amy, I LOVE your blog post
    Very inspiring read! Thank you!

  6. Rachel, I am so glad you mentioned Ann Voskamp's book, it has been recommended to me so many times and I really don't know why I haven't purchased it yet, its off to Amazon with me. I really must read it and I love your summer goals for your kids, great idea!!!


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