Monday, December 27, 2010

School = Leisure?

Did you know the word school originally meant leisure?

Latin scola "school," borrowed from Greek skhole,
originally meaning "leisure," then later, "discussion" and "school."
(Education was originally affordable only to the leisure classes.) The Latin word is found in almost all European languages.”

When I read that I found it amusing.  Leisure?  Hah!
 Not so much.
 School, or homeschool, is anything but leisure for me.  But it is a privilege for me, and for my kids.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that not everyone receives an education. 
I happen to live in America, in this country “we” think it is our RIGHT to have an education.  Never mind the fact that in Africa over 40% of kids never have any sort of book education and out of the 60% that do, only 1/3 are able to finish primary school.

So, though I may not consider it leisure, school is still for the privileged of this world. I, for one, am extra blessed because I get to teach my own kids.   

It is startling how ungrateful I really am, and how blind I am to my own ungratefulness.

In the midst of all the drama and the craziness of this thing called homeschooling, I want to stop and say thank you to God.

1) For my kids
2) For my education
3) For the freedom to educate my kids
4) For a great husband who supports me/us making it possible for me to homeschool
5) For wonderful resources, and inspirational books that help me to be a better teacher/mother

Right now, I am in the midst of planning our next term, hopefully coming up with a new plan that will work with baby girl on board. 

 Honestly, I feel less than enthusiastic.  Overwhelmed might be a better term.  I know when we get past this emergent and beginning reader stage things will get easier. 

I’ll take a deep breath, and I’ll thank God.

1)      For paper, even if it is all over the floor

2)      For all the pencils and books that litter the room

3)      For the happy faces of my boys, hard at play outside in the frosty air

4)      Itty bitty, snuggled up against my chest, sleeping

5)      For My man, hard at work in the office.

Life is good, and I am privileged!


  1. I really need to talk to you one of these days about this subject. There are so many options and so much advice that it is overwhelming. So far we are just stumbling along and Jesse is slowly learning to read. I'm not pushing anything but I feel like I need to get a bit more organized till next year. Anyway, I love your blog and visit alot! Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. Mornin' Tancy!
    I would love to talk about this subject. Not that I am an expert but it is a subject I love and it could be fun to even do some blogs on what I happen to do and the why and how. If you feel like sending me a particular question we can give it a whirl. I think you already know that I am a lover of Charlotte Mason's educational principles.

  3. awww...the boys are getting so big. Nick is changing his looks. And Lexi is so cute. Wish I could be coming with Mikes to see you all. Have fun. Happy New Year. Lorida

  4. Lorida - Happy New Year to you too, we would love to see you!!!!
    Are Mike's coming? I didn't know, but that Would be fun.
    Love to you

  5. So much to give thanks for. I love the idea of school being about leisure (grin) maybe we should take a new approach. Does this mean we could sneak in more naps?

    Oh that wee little head of tiny soft dark curls...makes my heart leap for joy.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  6. ah, that does sound inviting.... I am def. in line for more naps. :-)

  7. i love the pictures of itty bitty. she's completely darling!


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