Sunday, February 17, 2013

In which life goes on

Its been a really weird week.  It strange to have everything change so very abruptly.  Not bad, just strange.  I don't think I really realized just how much time and energy I was really expending. I was spending about five hours a week to and from and in therapy. Plus in home therapy that seemed like it never ended. Hours have opened up and our days are running so differently, the biggest difference is that peace reins and .........

what do I do with all this goodness?  Well... I just go on and get sick.  

Stresses removed and my body simply crashed.  I have been dead tired all week. I have tried to carve out at least 9-10 hours of sleep a day, and I still feel like I was running on about four hours.  Nuts!

It's not like I can just call a break and hang out in bed.  The life we created doesn't exactly lend itself to nicely to that sort of thing, especially right now.

Our four goats have all recently kidded. So there is new kids and milking.

We were also in the middle of  meat processing and that had to be finished, too. 

Plus running low on feed and the animals have to eat, regardless of how I happen to feel on any particular day.

Not to mention people food, I think we were out of everything, AGAIN!  So I made a trip to the Feed Mill one day, the Farmer's Market the next day and finished up at Aldi's on Friday night while the boys enjoyed a birthday party with one of their favorite people in life.

I won't lie, it's been a tough week.  But I think I am pulling out of it and feeling more normal again (whatever that is).
I hate dragging myself out the door in the mornings, but what is weird is that once I am out I don't really mind.  

I  find myself breathing in the cold air and smiling, admiring the sunrise, and morning noises.

I don't hate this life at all, even though I find it frequently inconvenient. 

I like that my kids can create and explore.  I like that they really know where basic things come from and how much work it really takes to see things through from the beginning to the end.
But there are days here and there were I contemplate the joys of a suburban life style.  :-) 


  1. your little girl is growing up so big! :) A new normal will come soon and you will have a beautiful rythm to life once again...meanwhile sip lots of tea and take life slowly, nap often even if its only a doze or two in the milking pen. ;) I wish I was there to help. xo

  2. You are SOOOO right! I love my tea right now, it does help. I am also saying "no" to some things I would normally do in an effort to slow down.

  3. The exact same thing happened to me. Well, minus the animals, but every germ adrenaline had kept at bay attacked! Just being able to sleep without fear goes a long way.
    Enjoy finding your new normal!


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