Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hiking ~ Family ~ Nature

Today was lovely in every way. Inspiring. Quiet. Peaceful. Restful. and just plain Fun.
In the early afternoon, Duane suggested a short hike and we all headed out to enjoy this awesome weather.

Macy loves the water and she took off ahead.  We found her swimming happily in the swamp waters when we arrived.

The boys really wanted to join her out there.  Adison announced, "Mom the water is really warmish, coldish." I have a feeling that it was certainly more "coldish" than "warmish".

Of course, they all stayed dry and clean...........well, not exactly dry..........and I suppose clean isn't the word to use either.  But they enjoyed it, and that is what really matters.

Lexie checked out some dry grass, enjoyed the warm air....

...and snuggles with Daddy.

I  absolutely love watching these two interact!!!  They are the BEST!!!

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  1. How precious! Something about a daddy and his daughter...


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