Friday, January 28, 2011

A Very Happy Day!

Lexie's adoption has been finalized in court!!!! She is 100% our very own little girl and we couldn't be happier!

 In this state even the birth certificates will read that she was born to D & I.  There is no access to the old birth certificate docs, even in the court files.
 It was all such a big and memorable day...

 ....and I would go and leave the camera in the parking garage under my seat.
 Seriously?  What is wrong with me?

D. comforted me with the fact that we have the cell phone.
And so, here we are with the judge and two very dear friends who joined us to share our special day. It would have been lovely to have the court room full of family and friends, but distance made that impossible.  We love you guys, and missed your presence!

Great quality, eh?


  1. How awesome! I am soo happy for you guys and would love to meet the little lady in person. Maybe one of these days, we'll get by there :-).
    Love ya!

  2. Love the pics! You guys ROCK! xo

  3. Yay!!!! Congrats guys! -Dara

  4. What an amazing day for you and your family...


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