Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunflowers are so Happy...

...they make me smile just looking at them.
  This is probably the reason that I have quite a few sunflowers in the garden this year. Some, have chosen to grow to shocking heights of over 10 feet tall. The bees seem to love them as much as I do, and are constantly buzzing around them or busily crawling about their surfaces. (not that I do that, of course)
Next year, I think I shall plant a host of small sunflowers too. The variety that are perfect to cut and keep in a big pitcher on the kitchen table. Ah, lovely!

Summer is fully here and it is hot, quite HOT!
I am embarrassed to admit that I am already thinking longingly of September and October days.  Is it truly hotter this year or does it just seem like it is?
Even with the heat, we still spend a good deal of the morning and many evenings outdoors.

"Never be indoors when you can rightly be without"  Right?

 Some of this is actually more by necessity than by desire.  Highly influenced by a garden to tend, animals to feed, and a fence that is still not quite finished and really should have been finished several weeks ago.
I have discovered that those "little rolls" of barbed wire are quite heavy when new.

Did you ever run barbed wire along the top of livestock fence? 
I never did before, but I have now! And I have learned quite a few things in the process.
First and foremost, would be a new respect for fences and those who install them by hand.  Now whenever I drive by miles of fence, I suck in a bit of air thinking of all the hard work that went into that. (not to mention money, ouch)
I am comforting myself that all of this hard labor has really been a great workout.  It includedes weights, squatting, resistance training, etc etc.  I haven't touched my workout videos in weeks! Honestly, I have no intentions of touching them for quite a few more weeks.  For now our many projects will suffice, if not overwhelm.

All of this merited a break and we headed to Lake Murray for some swimming and relaxation.  FUN!!!

Our next big project is now underway. Yes, we seem to be very good at starting new projects while old ones are still unfinished.  Maybe it is because we have options then, we can choose what we want to do.  Work. Work or WORK.  Very funny, I know.
Anyway. our new project is a large root cellar/storm shelter.

We are excited about this project and I hope to update photos as the work progresses as we have time and money.  It is hard to come by both at the same time.  :-)
So there you have it, a peek into our most recent adventures.  TTFN!

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  1. Just me..Aubrey's mom....was so NICE to finally meet you and your family. Your boys are just precious! What an adventure you have each day! LOL

    So nice to see a family working together with good goals and happiness!

    God bless you always,
    Aubrey's mom
    (my blog name is HOPE)


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