Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the Mouth of a 5 yr. Old

Today, the Ad man was helping with our monthly mailings in the office and he was quietly adding stamps to envelopes and listening to his Daddy talking with a customer on the phone.  Evidently this particular customer must have asked to speak to the head manger because D. was overheard saying, "....actually, you are speaking with the head manager."
I noticed the eyes of little Ad enlarge, and then he leaned over toward me and in a stage whisper said,  "How did he GET to turn into THAT?"  I answered, "Turn into what?" and pointing to his head he replied "A head manager."  Truly, I could have died laughing, though I only smiled and proceeded to explain what a "head manager" actually is.
Really.............. imagine what he must have been thinking,  WOW, Dad is like God or something. Five year olds have a tremendous sense of the literal.
You just gotta love it!
Here is link with  more pictures of the lovely 6 inches of snow that we got in SC:
 Photo Bucket Pic of SC Snow

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  1. how cute! so glad you got to experience some snow down south. I would gladly ship you mine. I'm sick of it ;) haha


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